The Twirlywoos learn all about getting wet when they have an encounter with a garden hose. (R)


The Quacky birds look through the Big Red Boat, and see the Twirlywoos. The Twirlywoos hear the Quacky Birds, Then they hear the Horn. The Twirlywoos' Twirly top Spin. The Quacky birds open the Trap door and they fly in  a Cloud. Which shows a Hose in a Garden. The Twirlywoos hid in a Bush so the Narrator can't see them, Until they hear somebody Coming. A Lady comes in. Before she can use the Hose, She has to turn a Tap on. The Hose starts spraying water on the Ground. The Twirlywoos look confused and Hide again.  The Lady waters her Plants. The Twirlywoos jump off one of the Plants, and land on a Hose pipe. Toodlo accidentally Blocks the Pipe, Causing the Lady to lose Water. Great Big Hoo picks up the Hose, But Toodlo gets off of the pipe and the Water hits Him. The Lady comes back, and Still has no Water (Courtesy of the Twirlywoos sitting on the Pipe). Chickedy and Chick grab the hose, Then Great big Hoo and Toodloo get off the Pipe, and the Hose Sprays Chick and Chickedy. The hose starts to go out of Control, Waving in the Air. Toodloo gets out of the Plant. She catches the Hose, But it waves Around while she is On it. Toodloo jumps off the Hose, Then it lands in a Wheelbarrow. The Twirlywoos rush back to the hose pipe to get the Hose down on the Ground. They hear the Boat' horn, And the Lady gets her Water back. Back at the Boat, Peekaboo hears the Quacky birds. The Twirlywoos find a box at the Door. The Box starts moving, Revealing to be a Cloud. The Cloud starts raining. It rains puddles which the Twirlywoos run on. The Twirlywoos jump on Puddles which the Cloud made, Then they dance on the Puddles. The Twirlywoos hear the Twirly rings. So they run off. Peekaboo jumps on a Puddle, and Sucks it up. And another. and Cleans the boat up. The twirlywoos jump into their Rings, And the Narrator says Goodbye to them.

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